Super Junior Italia (First Italian SJ website!)

English: Super Junior Live at SMTOWN Live in B...
English: Super Junior Live at SMTOWN Live in Bangkok (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Super Junior Italia. WOW!!! Go Italy! Congratulations! Wishing you many visitors ^__^

I know some people say Kpop is really cheesy and the music is so cliche.

Ultimately you cannot deny the fact that the number of fans are not just growing they’re exploding. Proof is right up there with that link to Super Junior’s first Italian fan based website.

In Taiwan they even have a Super Junior themed restaurant! BAM! (Emril)

Yes, I am a little biased towards them, but honestly they are gaining  a lot of attention because they are on stage, on tv, in theatre, in commercials abroad on special records, behind the scenes, composing, writing, basically everywhere possible in the Entertainment Industry. Shindong’s even got Music Video Director and street dancing covered. Oh yeah and half of the members own some kind of business! Shindong has an online shopping mall and an internet cafe. Yesung has a cafe and eyewear place, Leeteuk, Kyuhyun and Sungmin‘s parents recently opened a coffee shop.

Enough about Super Junior and more about their fans!

They sold out two night at Tokyo Dome!! 110,000 fans in Pearl Sapphire Blue! What a sight*.*

I was completely mesmerized@___@

So, here’s to all the fans today and more to come tomorrow. Until the whole world is covered in Pearl Sapphire Blue~


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