Will China overtake America in space? – CNN.com

Will China overtake America in space? – CNN.com.

Is that even a question? Well, I most certainly believe that in time they will.

My opinion on what people think about China:

Behind all the controversy about labor trouble and so forth is an economically successful country. Yes, there are poor villages and people in need, but that  is present everywhere, even in the Americas.

Here is what Joan Johnson-Freese  has to say about China taking over in space:

“But China is not overtaking the United States in space. It is, however, advancing. The execution of China’s space program has led to “tortoise and hare” comparisons with the United States.”

Can you see the down market mentality that Americans have to live with?

So, citizens across the globe require a brainwash, in a good way. We should start thinking about China in a positive way and also initiate encouragement of all their endeavours.

China has sent a woman to space for the first time. I wish them all the best for the future, may they receive more fortune and achieve everything in China’s reach.


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