Discovery July 2012

I had visitors at my house from Fortworth, Texas. We drove a ton and had a splendid time.

First Stop Ellis Island and Liberty Island.

Liberty Island. France gifted us that statue

We went on the worst day though! Sandstorm meets Dragonball Thunderstorn. We had a baby with us, I felt so bad she was crying 😥 minus that it was  a great experience.

Then we went to a very famous bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey USA

Next day we went to Boston, I stayed at an aunt’s house while the visitors went to TD Garden (home of the Celtics) with my dad.  I had a good time their just chillaxing on a sofa. (Yes, I used the word “chillaxing” and no it is not a word in normal dictionaries)

TD Gardens. Home of the Basketball Team, Boston Celtics

Last day was the most emotional, as a New Yorker it took me back to a time in which my city’s heart was ripped out.

We went to the memorial that had thousands of names and two beautiful pools in place of the two old buildings.

Even though my age could not comprehend the devastation, neither could my eyes understand the tears in others.

Just one touch of the names etched around water led me to the countless families pain.

To end this post on a light note, the new building is stunning and you should go check it out next time you’re in New York.


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