UEFA Euro 2012 Final Italy vs. Spain

CNN World Sport: Blog Archive – Spain make compelling case as best team ever « – CNN.com Blogs.

Wow! So exciting. Total adrenaline rush. On one hand are the world champions Spain and on the other the great dark horses Italy. Spain scored 2 goals bringing frowns to Italian crowds.

Italy and Spain play too hard!! Many players injured within the first half Extremely aggressive pack of wolfs on & in the grass. Well that’s my description of what I’m watching.

Eventually after a 3 minute extension Spain was once again announced the champions of footbal. The final score was 4-0, honestly I though  it would a tighter game.

Favorites for the 2014 World Cup? You bet. And if they successfully defend their world title you might be celebrating the fact the undisputed greatest team of all time played during your lifetime.”

P.S. EURO 2012 was the first time I saw a sportsman cry after a loss. I’m assuming this game was crucially significant to Italy, resulting in waterworks.

A cute side note, Spanish player’s kids were wonderfully adorable on the field after the battle ended.


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