2012 London Olympic Shockers (In my Opinion)

200 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


First shocker was the defeat of two-time defending champions in Archery. South Korea settled for the bronze after a match up against Mexico. gold went to Italy and Silver was taken by the United States.

Second one was probably something everyone around the world is shocked to hear about and can’t comprehend as to how it happened

CNN report on 400m IM Final London 2012

I’m not an Olympic buff, but I do love watch the summer

games. My interest increased after I watched Michael Phelps in Beijing take 8 gold medals and make history. Another reason I became his fan is, he never trash talked and he hasn’t changed that about him. Oh! and that magical finish again Cavic…

4 years later TV interviews and articles showed that Phelps had not been training 3 years and Ryan Lochte had been working out the whole time, included receiving gold at World Championships ever since ’08.

Michael Phelps
Michael Phelps (Photo credit: The Wolf)

I was very anxious and exciting to watch the sea monster Phelps on the blocks again. I was in for full disappointment. First Phelps placed last in the Heats and then placed 4th at the Final of the 400m Individual Medley, an event he previously grabbed gold for twice. Come on, even I knew Lochte was going to get gold no matter what, but Phelps not on the podium just doesn’t feel right.

Since I believe in Michael Phelps, I’m not changing to team Lochte just yet. Wishing Phelps all the best and really hoping he breaks the all time Olympic medal record, he only has 3 to go and 6 events. Let’s all give him some strength and warm words instead of being ashamed. like one headline states “Let’s give him a break.”


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