10 of the world’s top airport lounges – CNN.com

10 of the world’s top airport lounges – CNN.com.

Lufthansa Frankfurt Airport, Germany

“Travel is meant to be a rich experience, a means of engaging with culture, cuisine and pleasure. In the last decade, cities around the world have helped this along by building exceptionally designed, clean, well-functioning airports.

Along with them have come equally stunning airport lounges, and the super-luxe first-class areas in international hubs around the world are a testament to a new age of luxury.”

Here they are, but not sure if they are in order:


JFK Airport, Terminal 1
JFK Airport, Terminal 1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The article is about expensive First-Class Lounges  however, I care more about the airports themselves. 

I haven’t been to any of these lounges, but I have always been fascinated by airports because they have so many components. An airport employs so many people. It is not only about the airplane, it is also about the flyer’s experience at the airport with food, shopping, etc. Airport workers are so awesome and lucky. If they work at check-in or security they get to see famous people. Especially at the one close-by JFK International celebrities from every corner of this earth come and go through JFK everyday.

To employees at airports around the world thank you. (^__^)

English: Cities served by direct international...
English: Cities served by direct international flights from JFK (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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