How much do Google, Facebook profit from your data? –

How much do Google, Facebook profit from your data? –

We all use internet services for free like Google and Facebook, but did you know that these companies actually benefit from our data. Now there is a website that can tell you how much it’s worth.

Privacyfix measures your last 60 days of activity on Google, extrapolates that to a year, and uses a value-per-search estimate.Analysts believed Google was making $14.70 per 1,000 searches in 2010, and possibly less in 2011. Of course, if you spend all your time searching for luxury hotels or mesothelioma lawyers—and then clicking through the advertised links—you’re much more valuable than the average user…

The add-on also tells you how many of the websites you visit feed data back to Facebook and Google…

Privacyfix also gives you a heads-up on things you should be doing anyhow, like deleting Facebook apps you no longer use so that they stop gathering data. The add-on links you directly to those Facebook settings so you can fix them immediately, navigating you through a maze of privacy options some find arcane; it has a similar function for Google.


You should definitely check this out!


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