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Video-”Gangnam Style, A Hit in the Sports World” – Breaking News Videos from

Click on the link and check out ‘Gangnam Style’ stepping into the sports world.

Video – Breaking News Videos from

This song has probably been heard by everyone across the globe by now. It is very catchy and has lyrics that speak of a city that is calm during daylight ans crazy at sundown.

Park Jae-Sang better known as PSY has been and is a musical genius. He debuted in 2001 with an album titled PSY… From the Psycho World!

Did you know he attended Boston University and Berklee College of Music?

Here’s another song he did a while back that is as just as amazing.

PSY- Right Now – It’s about breaking out from daily routines and having a good time.

And here is his debut song ‘Bird,’performed at a later time. The choreography is awesome and so
the music. Enjoy!

He is currently signed to YG Entertainment(Korea) and also was recently signed by Scooter Braun, who is also managing Justin Bieber.

Looking forward to seeing more of Psy and his magic.

I used some information from PSY’s wiki page.

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