Turkish delight: A sweet tour of Istanbul – CNN.com

Turkish delight: A sweet tour of Istanbul – CNN.com.

You’ve probably learned about the Ottoman and Byzantine Empires in history class, but this CNN article will make you wish Turkey was taught through a cooking lesson.

  • Istanbul, at the crossroads of history, is also a hub for sweet confections
  • Candied fruit, Turkish delight and candy-coated nuts are among the city’s sugary bounty
  • Nut pastes such as marzipan are molded into colorful shapes”    – CNN 

Here’s something I would definitely like to try: Baklava

Made from flaky phyllo pastry layered with pistachios and drenched in honey, millions of tourists and locals alike are addicted to the intermingling of the flaky pastry with the density of the nuts. While baklava is widely available throughout Istanbul, a baklava emporium that opened in 1949 today routinely wins awards for having the best rendering of the treat.” – CNN

Make sure at least once in your lifetime you visit Turkey and enjoy all of these foods.

Read more about the delectable delights of local Turkish food and let me know your favorite or maybe one’s you don’t like so much.


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