NYTimes.com – In a Chinese Alley, an $8 Tasting Menu

In a Chinese Alley, an $8 Tasting Menu – NYTimes.com.<– Click

This article lists courses. It has great descriptions, click on the link above.

“Left to right: Sticky rice topped with bean curd, won ton soup, oysters and wok-fried doughnut holes.”

I’ve had the doughnuts, but not the others. Someday, hopefully I will maybe you will too.

Seth Kugel

                                                                                    “Hot dry noodles,” a Wuhan breakfast specialty.

Course 2: Dou pi (5 renminbi) – The No. 2 must-try breakfast in Wuhan is sticky rice mixed with other ingredients: vegetables and beans, in this case, wrapped in sheets of bean curd, then pan-fried until golden. The bean curd was tasty, but I discarded most of the rest; I’m just not Chinese enough to have both noodles and rice for breakfast.

Try out these foods and many more, always be open minded towards everything. You don’t have to go against your beliefs though 🙂


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