| Slooooooooow: U.S. slips to 9th in Internet speed

Slooooooooow: U.S. slips to 9th in Internet speed –

I knew it!!! You’d think the U.S is a pretty advanced country in terms of technology, but in fact it is falling behind really badly. All networks are so sloooooow! In my case New York City is very fast paced, so people demand speed. Unfortunately many citizens of the Big Apple are perplexed by our snail crawling network services. Everything takes forever to load and buffer. >.<

  • Report says United States has 9th-fastest Internet speed in the world

  • That’s down from 8th last year, as the U.S. is leapfrogged by Sweden

  • Geography, population, industry are factors

  • South Korea has fastest connections, 60% quicker than United States –

Even though America is 9th fastest it is not good enough for the millions of users here.

Susan Crawford, a tech policy analyst and professor at Cardozo Law School in New York City, argues that Internet access should be a public utility like gas, electricity and water because it has become just as essential.- Doug Gross

For the geeks to put things into perspective:

Akamai reported that the average Web connection in the United States was 8.6 megabytes per second. South Korea’s average was 14.2 megabytes per second.” – Doug Gross

According to the article there are some places in the U.S that have better speeds like Vermont, Delaware, New Hampshire, D.C and Utah.

Argument is still that populous and thriving cities need faster internet.


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