Soompi | FTC Issues Sanctions Against SM and KFPCAI for Interfering with JYJ’s Activities

FTC Issues Sanctions Against SM and KFPCAI for Interfering with JYJ’s Activities | Soompi.

                                                                                   JYJ’s official website link: July 24, it has been reported that the Fair Trade Commission (FTC) issued a sanction against SM Entertainment and the KFPCAI for interfering with JYJ‘s broadcasting rights and promotions.”

SM Entertainment is a huge company in Korea and can put a lot of pressure on people in the industry. The members of JYJ have been able to perform or appear on main channels, they have only been seen in Drama Series or doing musical theater work. This is due to SM having less say over those things.

Within the frustrating wiggle room, JYJ is very successful and want to perform in their home country.

The JYJ members also commented, “This struggle started since 2009 and it felt like we were walking on an endless desert road but with today’s announcement, it feels like things are improving and is giving us much strength.”

Read the full article for more details on this lawsuit. JYJ is an extremely talented group and should be allowed to share their music with everyone including Korean fans.

Here are highlights from JYJ’s recent World Tour’s stop at the Tokyo Dome:

JYJ finally held their long awaited ‘The Return to JYJ‘ concert in the Tokyo Dome and their label commented, “JYJ sold out all 150,000 seats for their 3 day concert, and over 300,000 fans requested for tickets beforehand. –

Hopefully everything will be resolved soon.

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