HUFFINGTON POST >> 11 Things I Gained When I Lost My Smartphone

This article from Huffington Post is about someone who lost their smartphone and discovered that they were better off with out it.
There is a list of things this person gained by losing their smartphone.

My favorite one listed:

“5. Old-Fashioned Face Time

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Staring at screens constantly takes you away from people and gives you a passive outlet where you don’t have to interact with the world. Like television, the light draws you in and numbs your senses,” according to Cary Cooper, professor at Lancaster University in the United Kingdom. Without a smartphone to distract me, I snapped out of that digital hypnosis and started looking people in the eye.”

I admire the generations before us that had access to in person conversations. We’ve lost a certain human touch engulfed by technology. The article has 10 more lessons to be learned from the absence of a smart device. They all have accompanying cool graphics or photos. Hope you ca gain something too.

11 Things I Gained When I Lost My Smartphone. <here’s the link

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