Play Review – A Time Traveller’s Trip to Niagara

Hello my awesome readers!!
“A Time Traveller’s Trip to Niagara,” is wonderfully anti-realistic and the time shifts will mess with your mind. However, if you engage and think while watching you can clearly pull out issues that all of us deal with everyday. You have to really look at what matters in the play.

It was both humorous and heartfelt. The actors were amazing and if you like anti-realism you’ll love the chaos within this story.

Background: Anti-Realism is a style under the big branch of Modernism that tries to get to truth by distorting the surface of reality. In comparison, realism depicts what reality should look like. Therefore with realism you enjoy and leave the theatre without a second thought, but Anti-Realism makes you take a step back and think about what’s happening on stage.

There was some pretty cool video mapping and it was immensely interactive. The actors were talking to the audience and there was even a live twitter feed projected onto the theater wall.



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