An ELAP Excursion to South Korea’s Chuncheon Province

Cool experience!

The ISA Journal

Jane Sitter is a student at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities and an ISA Featured Blogger. Jane is currently studying abroad withISA-ELAPin Seoul, South Korea.

photo1-1 credit Jaehoon Shim, picture of Briana Smith and I

On July 6th, we had the opportunity to visit Chuncheon provice, just an hour and a half outside of Seoul, as an ELAP excursion with ELAP Seoul staff member, Jaehoon Shim! Jaehoon told us that Chuncheon province can be considered a ‘natural playground,’ with many different activities to try from hiking to aquatic sports. Jaehoon prepared an exciting trip for us that started in Gimyujeong where we tried rail-biking, which is a 4 person bike that runs on old train tracks.

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