Soompi|Studying Abroad in Korea – Simple Breakdown of Options

[Featured] Studying Abroad in Korea – Simple Breakdown of Options | Soompi. <Link

“Setting up the computer for the teacher (it’s cold inside in the winter, hence the thick jackets)” – Soompi

This great article that Soompi put out on studying abroad in Korea covers all bases.
Topics from host families to language institutes are discussed. Universities are mentioned and even what to do with your spare time! There are also breakdowns of staying as a high school and university student. It includes information pertaining to undergraduate and graduate degrees as well.

“The picturesque Yonsei University main campus in Sinchon” – Soompi

Here’s a snippet about school life:

“School is the best place to make friends and have fun, as most Korean high school students spend their whole day at school, making it almost like their second home. People will have blankets and tumblers, snacks and mirrors, basically all sorts of items with them to survive through the day. Every class will have their own class room, and teachers will come in to teach the classes instead of students moving around the school. As high school is very crucial for Korean students, most of them aspiring to get accepted to top universities, students often stay at school until late night. As for my school, my classmates were at school from 7:45am to 10pm, doing self-study from 4pm onwards.” – an0ya, Soompi

If you are a student looking to go abroad and learn give this article a good look.
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