5 Reasons to Study Abroad in Reading, England

The ISA Journal

Miranda Huston is a student at the University of Nebraska-Omaha and an ISA Featured Blogger. Miranda studied with ISA in Reading, England.

  1. The Town Center

The center of Reading is the perfect mixture of classic and contemporary. An abundance of shops lie right along the main road, probably too many shops as far as my wallet is concerned. The other side of The Oracle, the town’s primary mall, is lined with great eats from Wagamama Japanese restaurant to The Handmade Burger co. Not to mention this entire area is lit with twinkle lights each night, giving a warm, inviting feeling to all.

Reading Town Center, Reading, England, Huston-photo 1 Reading Town Center!

  1. An English Autumn

Some may want the blistering sun of an Arizona sky but all I need is leaves at my feet and mist on my cheek. Reading in the autumn is like stepping inside the world of Anne of Green Gables.

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