“Good” Kpop of 2014

This was posted earlier somewhere else and will be updated or change when these songs are heard again.

To elaborate the title “good: in my opinion and only from what I have heard because it’s next to impossible to listen to every release from day 1 to day 365.

Range of releases Jan – Nov 24th + 1 from Dec 2013

Criteria being songs I liked in holistic terms. There are many songs that had a great chorus or awesome verse, but not the best in its entirety those tunes were eliminated 😦
Looking at the wiki for 2014’s songs. Here are my choices in no particular order (rankings don’t mesh here)

12:30 – Beast
This is love – Super Junior
30 Sexy – Rain
Solo Day – B1A4
Loved You – Zia & Seo In Guk (Release Dec 2,2013)
A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness – San E & Raina
A – Got7
Last Romeo – Infinite
Happen Ending – Epik High
Don’t Play – Winner
Empty – Winner
Friday – IU
Girls Girls Girls – Got7
Hormone War – Bangtan Boys (BTS)
Domino Game – Kiss&Kry
You Don’t Love Me – Spica
Some – Jung Gi Go X SoYou ft. Lil Boi (They just shook off the rap feat. >.<)
Want U – Jung Gi Go
Just One Day – Bangtan Boys
Beep Beep – BTOB (They need more spotlight)
Can’t Stop – CNBLUE
Mr.Chu – A-Pink
Luv – A-Pink (Brought back old school style)
Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms – HIGH4 feat IU
Ooh ooh – Eric Nam feat Hoya
Green Light – Troy
H.E.R – Block B
The Manual – Eddy Kim
2 Years Apart – Eddy Kim
Overdose – Exo
Push and Pull – Eddy Kim
Can’t Hide It – 15& + all the nice covers Baek Ye Rin did
I Swear – Sistar
A Little Close – HIGH4 feat Lim Kim (Kim Ye Rim)
Good Luck – Beast
Go Crazy – 2PM
Pretty Age 25 – Song Ji Eun
Born Hater – Epik High
Rewind – Zhoumi
Erase – Jooyoung X Hyorin (this song needed more love from the public)

Haven’t heard anything since A-Pink’s Luv so that’s all for now.
Suggestions to add are welcome

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