Forbes | ‘Super Mario Maker’ And The Future Of Art

These days, we tell every child that any crayon scribble is equivalent to “art making.” So it’s hardly surprising that they grow up without respect for the arts. Kids are not stupid; they recognize the ease with which a spurt of their creativity manifests as color. When their parents call it […]

Source: ‘Super Mario Maker’ And The Future Of Art – Forbes

I loved this article. It has some deep thoughts and questions we should all be asking ourselves about the future generation of not only gamers, but designers.

Super Mario Maker is a version of the game in which you create a level, then play it and if you beat that level it gets uploaded to the “Course World.”

It is a modular building system with a built-in social sharing engine that, in some ways, redefines what the video game “sandbox” can be.

Grand Theft Auto and Minecraft are games that fall under “sandbox” category.

This game makes the player engage in “art making” they actually start thinking about what to place where such as where platforms go or how many power ups to put in so that the level is difficult enough.

Super Mario Maker is for kids and adults alike. It encourages hands-on creativity. Playing this game makes the author’s kids think about “What makes a game work? What makes it fun? How, why, and when do you make each game design decision?”

Nintendo has created a fantastic world for youngsters to interact and learn game design.

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