TechCrunch | 10 Tech Buzzwords to Explain to your Family

10 Tech Buzzwords And How To Explain Them To Your Extended Family

In this rapid increase of technology, lingo comes along with it and our parents and grandparents might be falling behind. This article just might help with that.

Here are my picks from those 10 words:

The Internet of Things is a network of physical objects with internet connectivity that communicate with each other and internet-enabled computers and systems.

Biowearables are devices that can be worn by consumers to collect data from their bodies.

A three-dimensional environment that asks a user to suspend belief and accept what they are experiencing as real. Virtual reality often also involves a way to interact with this environment using a special headset and wearable devices.

Net Neutrality is the principle that internet providers and governments should not selectively speed up or slow down internet traffic but instead keep the internet equally accessible to all.

Be sure to check out all 10 and tell your family about them.

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