Salaam Gatewat | China’s $17 Billion Halal Sector

China’s estimated $17 billion halal food sector is growing fast with demand primarily driven by Chinese consumers placing greater trust in halal food following recent food scandals, especially in milk. As new players enter the market, and Malaysia seeks to develop China’s halal capabilities, what opportunities are there for new players to enter the halal industry in China? – Salaam Gateway

This article shares knowledge of current market status, demands, challenges and ways for companies to go about China’s halal market.

A challenge presented by Guangyu is one of laws and trust:“If you develop a special law for Muslims what about other religions? It is a complex issue and there is concern about the re-Islamization of China. But without this legislation we have no chance of exporting halal food, and if there’s no law on halal production, anybody can put a halal label, which will hurt Muslims’ feelings and damage China’s image in the halal sector.”

According to the article China might adopt Malaysian halal standards. That is a great place to start instead of trying to come up with legislation from scratch.

Read more about Halal Food Industry in Chinese markets by clicking on the link below.

Source: Domestic demand for better food standards drive China’s $17 billion halal sector | Halal Food Industry

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