Heirs – A Drama for the Young Adult

I am currently watching a Korean drama called 상속자들 or “Heirs.”

So far it’s a lovely, passionate and delicate story. It has a lot my favorite actors and actresses.

Post about the script reading: HEIRS Script Reading

Promising, no spoilers

The writers are completely blasting my worries away about people perceiving the show as a joke because kpop idols are cast. Both CN BLUE’s Minhyuk and f(x)’s Krystal have a few shows under their belts and are great here as well. Also, ZE:A‘s Hyunshik gives the show a bit of comic relief and he plays his character with just the right amount of quirkiness. Seeing familiar faces from Monstar and School 2013 made it easier to suspend belief

Main 4 teens are fantabulous together and the new face to me is increasingly intriguing episode after episode. She plays Yoo Ra Ae, who is a spoiled, romantic, sassy hot-headed girl.

An actor I didn’t write about is Choi Jin Hyuk, he plays Lee Min Ho’s brother. He is a pleasant surprise because I’ve only seen him as a lovey-dovey guy.

I’m up to episode 13. All stories have good, bad, annoying and funny. Most people relate to the good and funny. However, I have strangely being captivated by and empathize with the antagonist. Also, the supporting crew is awesome which make for a great ensemble. Cheers to the casting director!

This post is very actor driven, but when this series is over there will be a post with more on story.

I would recommend this show to all teens, heirs to a big throne or not. It has great messages and cute moments. There are also many social issues addressed every teen should be aware of.


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