V App | IU – “Chat-Shire” 4th Mini-Album

I rarely get excited about music anymore. There are a few exceptions and one of them is IU or 아이유 in Korean.

She is an awesome artist and I’ve liked her music since she debuted.

She seems so enthusiastic and emotional about this mini album “Chat-Shire” release. In the video link below she talks about each song on her tracklist. IU goes through the process of the lyrics, story and fun moments behind every tune. (It is in Korean, but I bet it’ll be translated somewhere soon)

Although in bits and pieces I’ve heard enough to be convinced that this mini-album is worth buying.

Link for “23” track on this album


I love that IU’s attachment to her craft and hope that all people are inspired by that for anything they do in life. She’s only 22 (23 in Korea) and yet so mature. However, she does have a quirky side and seems like a lovely person. I look up to her and hopefully I’ll get to meet her one day.

Reminder: It’s in Korean, but Music knows no language barriers
Checkout the video link below:

And here is one of her other recent songs Red Shoes – IU

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